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Tiny Gala

Tiny Gala provides comprehensive social event planning.  We give each client our full attention, customizing each event to the client's vision, rather than working from a script. Your vision becomes reality.

Our parties offer busy individuals an opportunity to provide the most amazing party experience for children, family, and friends. We take care of some or all of the details, from invitations and RSVP database tracking to entertainment, decorations, and post-party thank you notes! Our events are tailored to your needs, and we only use premium quality products and source locally made materials as often as possible.

You pick the date and theme, and we do the rest.

We will work within your budget to elevate any party experience. We offer party and tabletop design as well as custom, carefully curated decorations, from the most understated classics to over the top personalized piñatas.

Are you ready to party, but need a little help putting it all together? We’ve got you covered. Introducing Tiny Gala To Go - a chic collection of party goods shipped directly to your doorstep. We have worked with our absolute favorite vendors & artisans to hand-select each and every item, creating a set of our most coveted party assortments. Each box arrives packed to the brim with party essentials, entertaining tips, and even a party blueprint, which will guide you through the perfect setup.